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'The Ring'
‘The Ring that started it’


I saw this beautiful Beast of a Ring,  browsing my favourite Fashion site – Polyvore and It made me want to write.

Just a stone in a square frame but it was enough to set off the spark.

‘Free People’ is such a great premise for a jewellery brand. Its prompted me to help spark my own.

I interpret this brand  as ‘Freeing People’ from the past. From events that no longer serve them on their journey.

This I believe can be done, that the dream that you have is your own dream not the one your keepers had for you.

It’s having that confidence to build your own iconic building. Your own heiress and perhaps, one day have the strength to know that other new comers can’t be controlled.

It also made me think of someone from my psyche, Some one who I saw in 200 and whatever. Someone that made me feel in that state.  And  i was  inspired to keep moving, keep creating and live the dream that was built for me.


Perhaps Jewellery is not a thing for you individual, and that’s Okay. But its my dreaming/dharma to carry it out to those who will respond, because the Idea is there and it can’t be outed. And sometimes I think to myself what about the others who seem to dodge the dream they were allowed.  But then I think well I need to think of my own and build it until it feels 100. or 100, 000.


Im glad you grade 7’s and then some where here to be with me. In this consciousness. Because I’m inspired by that one fun band to build the Fashion upon.

Friendly Fires. 

It just comes to mind.
‘We’re not mean – where just friendly fires.”

keep dreaming before you let it fade.


Big Deals, Little things.

Big Deals, Little things.

This is an interpretation of my Style from my 20’s. On my 21st I was blessed to eat mexican food, wear clothes from my favourite brand and dance to an Awseome Aussie band. What a night!

Dairies of a T.H.I.No. Girl.

Dairies of a T.H.I.No. Girl.

An essay on Emotion, Food and spiritualism.

Studies show Food can have this affect.
Studies show Food can have this affect on our brains.

There is a real shit headspace in being a victim and staying put in that mentality.

After a life changing event happens to you, I think you have to decide it happens for a reason.

 It’s a spiritual experience, you either dwell in it or you grow.

Even though 98% of me does believe that the life-changing event happens, for a reason there was still a lot of hatred bottled up inside my soul. I wish it was glitter.

It’s hard to understand how another feels. I guess I don’t want anyone else to know the feeling either – because being rejected from a dream job after building your way up in it, isn’t something I want anyone to experience. It’s like a divorce at 21. Something you built happily for 3 years, suddenly gone.

Everyone has his or her own story.


I have faith that it did happen for a reason, the 98-precent of me always knew it was going to happen.

Why… Because of that sick –awful feeling that made me work as though I was in year 5 everyday and kiss-ass so my boss would not ‘hate’ me for any reason –  I went to work in this sickening demur.

It didn’t feel like that elsewhere –  at other work stations….

Yet still I remained vigilant – because I had a passion for it.

The day it happened, I felt stone cold, like my soul had left, and I truly believe it did.

 It was the camping trip that was meant to be enjoyable, that was the day I found out…
After a whole box of cookies was devoured in under 7 minutes.

I then Knew Something was wrong.

A Band-Aid was still covering the hatred I had for these people at this company, from ripping the tiles from under me when I felt everything was good and just beginning.

So for 3 years I felt like a cat trying to climb up a barbwire fence. I would get up a little, and then something else would happen so the claws wouldn’t sink in, because I was still holding on. (It was subconscious, however).

Not to carry on about it now, because they say that the worse part of your life is only the beginning. And on this stormy day I really do feel like it finally.

 So the plan is too forgive and forget these people who hurt me, so I stop boggling my insides with fear and Band-Aids filled with sugar.

Soulless sugar fiend.

I want my brain to return back to its happy, natural and clear state. Where I eat for fuel and because I will enjoy it, not because I need to let out something that hurt me.

I wish to do – what I love again. To harness the POWER within me so I can stay in rhythm and attract happy circumstances in my life on a daily basis.

I would rather have “SWEET” experiences rather than douse my inside with “SWEET” cravings, that only lead to self-hate and brain fog.

If you find yourself wanting to entertain a binge – because you are covering up a bigger issue.  

Perhaps limit tv, and write a list.
Perhaps limit tv, and write a list.

I love this quote I found on a blog that relates to my notion of spirituality and cravings…

Sweetness as an emotional experience is often craved when we are unable to process sadness; when we’re hoping to temporarily cover up our low points with a little burst of sugar high”.

I NOW just plan on getting back to me.

Back to meditation to calm my brain.

 To ask my self what I am truly feeling at the time of a craving and if it will really benefit me 10 minutes later?

I find this cocaine image interesting, and see how it has cleared areas of the brain.
I find this cocaine image interesting, and see how it has cleared areas of the brain.

If the answer is NO, move on to the next constructive pathway.

Hopefully in the future an essay like this will help someone else who is going through a similar food- related trauma, and pull him or her of the cycle and the depths.

My research on this topic has helped me see my own battle, perhaps you will find the decision within you to cure yourself.

Allison   x

A love of ‘Sportsgirl’…

Ever since I started my first real job During my last year of University, I found a brand that represented my personality very well… Sportsgirl.

They are a brand that wade in Bright lights whenever I pass. Perhaps it’s their perfect Advertising via their colour spectrum, that really helps.

Bright lights, and bright colours… a trademark of the Youthful Retail Brand. 


A Melbourne Sportsgirl –  An Australian brand Established in 1948 ! 

There is something about this brand that always lifts my spirits.

Along with being youthful and girly, alongside their mature sister labels Sussan and Sportscraft, they promote wordly overseas Colour and Sophistication.

 The Perfect finds I always want to take home include…

  •  Textured and Plain Swing Cami’s
  •  Sportsgirl Plain T-s are always a winner, I have had my plain white for going on 3 years.
  •  Stud Earrings are always statement and gorgeous – I wore a green pair to Bali and back and they always seem to produce the same colour (good for the mems).
  • Sunnies that last –  I bought my Leopard sunnies off a girl called Kiera at Robina, and they have withstood time, 2 years? now.
  • Sportsgirl Lipstick, I’m telling you the coverage and smooth nature of their lip wax is profound. 
Sportsgirl Studs and Lipstick .. excuse the fun!
Sportsgirl Studs, Yellow and Rose  (signature style)  studs, Eye shimmer and Lipstick .. excuse the fun! 


Sportsgirl is brilliant for producing their one off pieces that you tend to keep wearing. I purchased 3 plain T-‘s and one brown cheapie –  I just slammed at the gym.

It’s always nice to feel like A Star in a Clothing Brand that you are very fond of. I always had such a good time feeling special in my Garments.

So As I plug my favourite Established Fashion brand on my blog, I Hope that I will gain more followers who are fond and akin to them.

Sounds Superficial, but when new designs come in I always shoot to the earrings, It makes my day, and the wait in the for the Post is well worth it!

Sports girl is my favourite 1940’s Mod Vintage Fashion Brand. and they tend to keep their nostalgia rolling

I will Link Sportsgirl to my site, feel free to post sites on this page that you have that Penchant for.  I also found an online  store I wish to explore called … a nice acronym, with some stunning pieces.

There is my Rave about sports girl, enjoy  their crystals and stunning lace pieces.

I always felt like I was attending a extravagant event in them, and so I must be!  X X


A plain black t- sports girl.
Again in my Sportsgirl Earrings & A plain black t- sports girl. Wore it ALOT. 

Honestly x-y dream

Honestly x-y dream

Oreos and anchorman.

Oreos and anchorman.